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By popular request - more realistic flowers from the Kanvas studio! Kanvas’s flowers are always best sellers, so we weren’t surprised when you asked for more. This season, we feature tulips, irises, pansies, and daisies in all their realistic glory. Included in the collection is a cool realistic flower stripe, flowers in boxes (so much fun to cut apart!), and a wonderful petal texture in yummy colors. Use Bloom with a View to add a brilliant touch of outdoor color to any setting. So real, so Kanvas.

Delivery Date: Dec-Jan 2015/2016 | Full Collection - 17 skus
Also available as pre-cuts: FQ Box & 10x10’s

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    Petal Pushers Violet

    Petal Pushers Violet

    • Item #: 0823066B
    • SKU: 8230-66