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Dinosaurs have always been popular, but never more than now! With the new Jurassic Park movie premiering this year and dinosaur themed amusement parks popping up everywhere, these ancient creatures are truly rock stars! Bedrock makes it easy to give your customers what they want. There’s a cool dinosaur block print and a dinosaur cutout allover that uses the coordinating prints for the dinosaur bodies. There’s loads of stripes and miniprints that add extra interest. Colors? Brights or the new, trendy turquoise/brown - perfect for kids rooms or accessories. Dinosaurs truly rock!

Delivery Date: Dec - Jan 2015/2016 | Full Collection - 18 skus

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    Dino Scale Olive

    Dino Scale Olive

    • Item #: 0820549B
    • SKU: 8205-49
    • Collection: Bedrock