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Large, lush sunfflowers with scrolls, mosaic spirals, and watercolor squares - Ann’s latest collection is full of cool surprises! Everything in this group is about color and detail. The sunflowers almost pop from the background, each petal intricately painted. Coordinating prints swirl in shades of deep purple, turquoise, and green. There are even neutral prints that you will reach for time and again. Look for some additional patterns at Ann’s website, Here comes the sun!

Delivery Date: September/October 2017 | Full Collection: 24 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10's, Pinwheels & FQ Box

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    Mosaic Spirals Teal

    Mosaic Spirals Teal

    • Item #: 2974M54B
    • SKU: 2974M-54