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Butterfly Fandango

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Intricate swirls, gold metallic loops, and exquisite butterflies give Ann’s Butterfly Fandango a touch of elegance. The secret is in the delicate design and color stories - the gold is combined with a rich scarlet or sky blue; the flowers are etched in gold and change in scale from tiny to medium; even the stripes undulate with color. For an extra touch of drama, there is a gold on black butterfly print - simply gorgeous. Visit Ann’s website: for lots of pattern ideas.

Delivery Date: Nov/Dec 2016 | Full Collection: 25 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10s, Pinwheels, & FQ Box

Patterns From This Collection

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    Butterfly Fandango:25 skus-10s

    Butterfly Fandango:25 skus-10s

    • Item #: BFAND10
    • SKU: BFAND10