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Irresistible Iris

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Large, lush Irises, beautifully painted, combined with a myriad of wonderful textures, truly makes an irresistible collection!  Ann’s color palette in this newest collection is very rich: deep purples, plums, greens, and ivory; and the textured coordinates are fantastic stash builders. There’s also a intricate cutaway stripe, just perfect for borders.  Be sure to visit Ann’s website,, to see an entire selection of iris patterns.

Delivery Date: July/August 2016 | Full Collection: 28 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10’s, Pinwheels, & FQ Box

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    Irresistable Stripe BlackMulti

    Irresistable Stripe BlackMulti

    • Item #: 0107112B
    • SKU: 1071-12