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If you’re a big fan of Jackie Robinson (as we are) you’ll be thrilled with her new collection. (If you are not familiar with Jackie, you’ll soon become a fan!) The theme of this collection is bluebirds: brilliantly colored and bursting with life.  There’s a great bluebird window panel, and an unusual scalloped stripe to make all your projects exciting. The other coordinates are simply beautiful: flowers, bouquets, petals, and a wonderful collection of damasks and other textures.  There’s even a gingham check to tie everything together. Sew Jackie!

Delivery Date: June/July 2016 | Full Collection: 29 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10’s, Pinwheels, & FQ Box

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    Bluebird Stripe Blue/Cream

    Bluebird Stripe Blue/Cream

    • Item #: 0051150B
    • SKU: 511-50