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You’ll never want to leave the kitchen if you surround yourself with Cherry’s latest collection! Color-bright oven mitts, mixers, canisters, measuring spoons - that’s just one print! Add bright cooking words, yummy cupcakes, coffee pots, aprons, and a fabulous collection of coordinating textures, and you’ll be totally ready to turn your kitchen into a colorful gathering place for the entire family.  This happy collection will make you smile and inspire all sorts of great kitchen and picnic projects. (See Cherry’s free pattern - sew cool!)

Delivery Date: August/Sept 2016 | Full Collection: 15 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10s, Pinwheels, & FQ Box

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    Doodle Flower Black/Green

    Doodle Flower Black/Green

    • Item #: 0615840B
    • SKU: 6158-40