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Bali Desert Sunset

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These Balis are hot, hot, hot - brilliant reds, oranges, and golds just explode with vibrant color! You can almost feel the warmth of the sun looking at this collection. You’ll find blooms, bursts, and branches, all in fiery colors and great textured effects. Great for summer shorts, shirts, totes, and beach blankets, the Desert Sunset Bali collection is truly a hot commodity. Sew Bali!

Delivery Date: November/December 2016 | Full Collection: 21 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 5x5’s & Pinwheels

Patterns From This Collection

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    Desert Sunset Balis:21skus-6's

    Desert Sunset Balis:21skus-6's

    • Item #: DSBAL06
    • SKU: DSBAL06