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Take a Sunday afternoon trip with Cherry Guidry down a hometown street. Outside a house, a dog is barking. People are sailing in a nearby lake. Children fly kites. There’s a picnic basket and a nearby bicycle. The mood is peaceful and charming. And it’s all captured on fabric! That’s the Sunday Ride collection. Cherry’s collection includes a delightful cut away panel, sailboat, flower, bird, and fabulous bicycle prints, accompanied by a wavy stripe and lots of great textures. The colors are turquoise, pink, green, and yellow - be sure to visit Cherry’s site,, for more project ideas.

Delivery Date: Feb-March 2016 | Full Collection - 23 skus
Also available as pre-cuts: FQ Box & 10x10’s

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    Serendipity Green Multi

    Serendipity Green Multi

    • Item #: 1008140B
    • SKU: 10081-40