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Get out the sunglasses… and where’s the iced tea? These cool prints feature all the motifs and colors of a breeze-filled tropical island. You’ll find pink flamingos, lush flowers, neat paisleys - all in yummy sherbert colors - orange, pink, lime, and sunny yellow. Lots of great textures too! Perfect for summer accessories - beach bags, wallets, totes, after-swim cover-ups and so much more! So hot they’re cool!

Delivery Date: April - May 2016 | Full Collection: 23 skus

Also Available As Pre-Cuts: 5x5's, 10x10's & Pinwheels

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    Trendy Trellis Orange/Pink

    Trendy Trellis Orange/Pink

    • Item #: 0836828B
    • SKU: 8368-28