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Chicks on the Run

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Warm tones of pumpkin, gold, and green. A folk art collection of cheerful chicks. These are just a few of the features that makes Cheryl’s latest collection so appealing! Every print in this collection is a must have, from birdhouses to chicks in cups. The accompanying textures and ginghams are rich and classic (just look at the “Crackle” print) - the kind of fabrics you reach for time and again. So… don’t walk, run! These prints will be gobbled up quickly! Visit for more projects.

Delivery Date: September/October 2017 | Full Collection: 28 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 5x5's, Pinwheels & FQ Box

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    Chicks on the Run Panel Spice

    Chicks on the Run Panel Spice

    • Item #: 0311079B
    • SKU: 3110-79