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Snowmen, snowflakes, wooly mittens and the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen... it’s winter time! This delightful new celebration of winter has all the charm you’ve come to expect from Cherry Guidry’s fabric designs. The panel, with its whimsical snowmen, is the focal point. (Note the fresh touches of grey.)  All decked out in a top hat and scarf, he inspired lots of the coordinates. Tossed snowmen and a modern ornament allover finishes a truly charming group. Let It Snow! Visit for more patterns and projects.

Delivery Date: March/April 2018 | Full Collection: 24 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 10x10's, Pinwheels & FQ Box

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    Bubbles Red

    Bubbles Red

    • Item #: 0458810B
    • SKU: 4588-10