Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you pronounce Benartex?
Anyway you want to! Many people say "ben ART ex," because our fabrics remind them of works of art. Others say "ben ar TEX", since tex stands for textiles. We say "BEN ar tex", because it was named after Mr. Benardete (Mr. "B"), and we place the emphasis on the first syllable.

Where are you located?
Our offices are at 132 West 36th Street in New York City, near the heart of the garment center. In addition to the New York offices, we have a warehouse in Rhode Island. Our email address is

How do I find Benartex fabrics?
Since you are reading this on your PC, help is just a click away! Check out our store locator. You can then either enter the name of a quilt shop. You also have the option of searching for a specific fabric and viewing all the shops that carry it.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, write to us and we will try to help. Our email address is In the unlikely event that your local quilt shop does not carry Benartex, have them contact us with your name and email address. If they open a new account, you will win a fabric prize!

How can I buy Benartex fabrics?
Benartex sells to the wholesale trade only, so to purchase our fabrics, please visit your local Quilt Shop or contact your favorite Mail Order House. Remember, if you'd like some help in finding a shop near you, our store locator lists hundreds of shops nationwide. (See more about this in paragraph above).

Why do my favorite fabrics disappear so quickly?
It's because quilters are always looking for something new! Benartex is unusual in that it keeps fabrics in stock much longer than most other companies. In fact, because we know that many of you often need more fabrics, or are planning kits or classes, we periodically isolate a group of fabrics and make them available indefinitely. An example? All the fabrics in our Fossil Fern Collection.

How can I find out about new fabrics?
There are a number of ways! Sign up for our free EMAIL DIGEST. This monthly newsletter will keep you advised when our website is updated. It will also have news about new fabrics, promotions and projects. Just go to "Special Offers" to sign up.

If you prefer to see and feel real fabrics before you go to your favorite quilt shop, join Mr. B's Preview Pack Club, For $19.95 a year, this is a great value! Four times a year you receive an informative newsletter and a pack of 5" x 5" swatches of a brand new collection. We currently have over 5000 members. It's fun! Just click on "Preview Pack Club" for more information.

Do you have a catalogue?
We've found that our website is the best way to present our lines. So...our website is our catalogue. To see our current collections, just go to the website and click on Fabric Gallery. You'll be amazed at the wonderful variety of styles!