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Yum! Bright, crisp, red and green apples, all crunchy and ready to eat! This collection is perfect for apple lovers everywhere. The juicy apples are shown packed in baskets, or in a basket of apples stripe. There’s even an Apple Gala scenic, where apple trees, baskets, barns and sky combine to make a juicy apple panorama. Accompanying the prints are handsome plaids and a very cool collection of basket weave textures. Perfect for tabletop accessories, picnic baskets, aprons and so much more.

Delivery Date: June/July 2018 | Full Collection: 20 Skus

Patterns From This Collection

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    Gala Basket Weave Chestnut

    Gala Basket Weave Chestnut

    • Item #: 0885539B
    • SKU: 8855-39