About Kanvas

A trip to Kanvas means tons of fun and loads of novelty prints to make you smile. Our prints can be used for home decorating, making fun and fashionable accessories, and great gifts for the entire family - including pets! Brilliant color and trendy designs are a Kanvas trademark. Remember… there’s no place like Kanvas!


Kanvas Studio2



Maria's Picture Maria Kalinowski, Kanvas Studio Vice President
Maria is the creative force behind Kanvas studio. (Benartex's division featuring novelty prints and more!) Head into your local quilt shop and, chances are, you'll be able to identify Kanvas prints simply by their fresh, graphic look. From popsicles to beer bottles, to the NYC skyline and retro diner prints, you'll find designs that will make you smile, ready to be used in your next project. Maria designs fabric lines herself as well as a select team of artists to create everything Kanvas.


Emi's Picture

Emi Sugiyama, Kanvas CAD Designer
Emi is responsible for scanning, re-coloring, cleaning and creating repeats for prints. She has an Eye for texture, color and has helped produce different patterns of textiles for Kanvas.




Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is the significance of the name, “Kanvas?”

    I chose the name Kanvas because it goes back to my roots as an artist and a painter. My background is the Fine Arts and textile design is the vehicle I use to express my art. The “K” in Kanvas vs. using a “C” is a takeoff of my last name which makes it more personal to me. When I started this new division I saw it as a blank Canvas, an opportunity to create new fresh print designs on fabric.

  • Where do you get your inspiration for Kanvas fabrics?

    My inspiration comes from many sources such as Fashion trends, movies, fine art, photography or even the latest Broadway shows! Tapping into the pulse of what is happening around me and jumping on it is what I most enjoy.

  • What is meant by “novelty prints?”

    Novelty prints are prints that are one of a kind prints that people can relate to in everyday life. Whether you are a cat lover, sports fan, beer drinker or food junkie there is something for everyone in our novelty print lines. These are my favorite groups to design and we have a lot of fun choosing the names for each individual print.

  • What is your favorite category to design?

    Probably realistic, rich colored and beautifully executed Quilt lines. Mostly inspired by nature or natural elements such as; Floral’s, trees, leaves, pumpkins skies and even the ocean. Some are embellished with Gold or Silver metallic making them really opulent and unique.