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Based on an exquisite old quilt created around 1870, Rose Ann’s “Modern Antiques” is a treasure trove of classic mini prints. You’ll find delicate little flowers and rose buds, leaves, plaids, and dots, in wonderful shades of violet, teal, rose, lime, and cream. The combinations are irresistible and the project possibilities endless. Be sure to look for the Block of the Month and other patterns using Modern Antiques. Visit for more projects.

Delivery Date: September/October 2017 | Full Collection: 37 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 5x5's, Pinwheels & FQ Box

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    Modern Antiques:35 skus - 15's

    Modern Antiques:35 skus - 15's

    • Item #: MDANT15
    • SKU: MDANT15