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Bali Stone Quarry

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Imagine a rainbow of balis, from softest pastels to midtone brights and deep jewel tones. Imagine them all in one easy-to-use collection. You’ve just imagined our Stone Quarry Balis. Use these unique stone-rubbed textured looks in all your important projects. Imagination. It’s what Stone Quarry Balis are all about.  Get yours today!

Delivery Date: October/November 2018 | Full Collection: 42 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: 5x5’s, 10x10’s, Strip-pies & FQ Box

Patterns From This Collection

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    Stone Quarry Bittersweet

    Stone Quarry Bittersweet

    • Item #: 0752077B
    • SKU: 7520-77