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Inspired by the rich burgundys, navies, reds, and blues of the turn of the century, this collection of vintage miniprints is a traditional delight! The details in these little miniprints are extraordinary: reminiscent of the old mill-engraved prints from the 1800's. And the red/ivory/blue color theme makes the collection perfect not only for traditional style quilts, but for patriotic quilts and banners as well. Includes a great wallpaper stripe. A must-have for every quilt shop interested in history and fine design.

Delivery Date: Aug - Sept 2016 | Full Collection: 40 Skus

Also available as pre-cuts: FQ Box, 5x5’s, & Pinwheels

Patterns From This Collection

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    Weston Ecru/Blue

    Weston Ecru/Blue

    • Item #: 0054950B
    • SKU: 549-50